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AL-YAMAMA Engineering is the largest specialized contracting services company in Iraq.
Experience. Quality. Reliability

Al-Yamama Company is a progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry of multiservice construction and services activities. The company taking part in the development of key sectors for the economy such as infrastructures and industries. The company committed to the social and economic progress of the Iraq in which it is present.

The success of Al-Yamama’s performance is based on an efficient organization and a dynamic and entrepreneurial management, implemented through successive processes of mergers, takeovers and strategic plans committed to client’s satisfaction. We broad today that our family contains about one thousand of expert personnel. We aim to be renowned for excellence through our operating brand and the empowerment of our people.

AL-YAMAMA Engineering


by Mr. Sadee K. Shnawa, Al-Yamama emerged since the 21 years as one of the biggest business communities in Iraq with a massive investments and contractions. Since its start in 1991

At construction sites, environmental management, occupational safety, organization and tidiness are tightly linked.Dedicated to excellence in service from the beginning

capability is underpinned by its broad footprint and diverse group of construction, infrastructure and engineering entities. We scores well in various reputation surveys, what enhances the visibility and recognition of the Company is a uniform presentation of its activities. AL-YAMAMA’s